Sabrina Castiglione - Women in Tech Festival UK

Sabrina Castiglione

Sabrina is Chief Financial Officer at Tessian, a London-based machine-learning cybersecurity company building Human Layer Security for email, where she serves as an all rounded problem solver. Since joining Tessian as its seventh team member in late 2016, and the first non-commercial, non-engineering hire, Sabrina has personally overseen the growth to 120 team members, and set up the Talent, People, Legal and Compliance, IT, Finance, and Logistics functions. Having spent 5 years working in actuarial and statistical fields, she brings financial modelling and risk projection expertise to Tessian. She currently focuses on overseeing Finance and Operations, ensuring Tessian is able to operate efficiently and strategically.

Sabrina is also the Chair of the WISE Campaign's Young Professionals' Board and attends the main board and strategy meetings of the WISE Campaign, a UK Members' Organisation focused on achieving gender equality in STEM fields. She is also a co-founding organiser of Women Empowering Diversity in Startups (WEDS), a network designed to help provide guidance for the specific diversity and inclusion challenges faced by startups.

Sabrina hails from Hertfordshire and graduated with a Masters in Chemistry from Imperial College London.