Nic Bellingham - Women in Tech Festival UK

Nic Bellingham

Nic joined the Met Office as a graduate in 1992 with a degree in Maths and Computer Science. After spending her first three months working in the personnel department and the next nine months on maternity leave, she then returned to work part time. From that point in her career Nic has worked in a range of IT-focused roles, from developing mainframe and PC applications to supporting the Met Office's public website. About seven years ago, by which point Nic was working full time, she moved into an IT Service Management role. This proved to be a fantastic opportunity, enabling her to gain valuable experience of working with external suppliers, of producing and managing budgets, and of decision making in fast-moving situations. It gave her the experience she needed to take the next step, into the role of Deputy Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations with day-to-day responsibility for all of the Met Office's IT services.

Two years ago Nic took the next step up into the role of Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations. Here she lead the delivery of the Met Office IT estate and associated services. In April 2019 she began a two year secondment, working as the Supercomputing Technology Lead in the Programme that will implement the Met Office's next supercomputing capability.