Jodie Carroll - Women in Tech Festival UK

Jodie Carroll

Starting her career in the field of fashion design and retailing, Jodie has moved from an industry dominated by women to the IT channel, the opposite to where she began her career. Jodie couldn't be clearer on the importance of attaining a diverse workforce on the environmental, psychological and financial elements of the workplace. "It is great to now have diversity firmly on the board room agenda. I see a great deal of positive intent and acceptance of the logic that sits behind the benefits of Diversity - we now need to translate this into intentional actions to drive a different result and events like the Women in Tech Festival all help towards this."

This starts from the discussions we have with our children all the way through life. "I don't know what route my children will choose for their future but whatever it is, they need to understand the importance in both their personal and work lives as to the role they play in ensuring equity, opportunity and mutual respect for all. Change requires us all to get behind it, regardless of age or sex. The discussion is just the start - as a sector we now need to be bold and intentional in order to drive a different result."