Welcome to the
Women in Tech Festival UK 2019!

Tuesday 17 September | The Brewery, London


It's no secret that the technology industry suffers diversity issues. Walk into any main-stream tech event and you could probably count the number of women on your hand. The same goes for boardrooms, with many companies still struggling to promote women into senior roles, it's no wonder that women are feeling isolated in the IT sector.

With trying to juggle the seemingly endless ‘duties' of work-life, home-life, and just generally needing more hours in the day, it can feel as though the dream of reaching the ‘next step' is one that's simply too difficult to manage.

It isn't.

Computing and CRN have collaborated to launch the Women in Tech Festival UK. We'll be celebrating successful women in the IT industry, sharing personal experiences of their journeys and the challenges along the way. This one-day event will provide insight from how to create a professional you, to building and maintaining a successful team, and not to forget case studies involving cutting-edge technology.

Whether you're the ‘Next Generation', an ‘Inspirational Leader', or an ‘Innovator of Tech' this event will offer inspiration of not only how to improve yourself, but how to help others too. With a keen focus on addressing diversity throughout the day, this event is for anyone within the industry.




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